What to Expect

Birds and exotic pets are different from dogs and cats. What sets us apart is our experience with non-traditional pets and our dedication to providing compassionate care for all these species.  At Island Exotics, our doctors have over 45 years combined veterinary experience handling, diagnosing, and treating just birds and exotics. We do not take care of dogs or cats so we can dedicate ourselves to these special species. 

Since we opened Island Exotics in 2007, we have cared for over 15,000 birds, reptiles, and small mammal pets. Our patients come from all parts of Long Island, New York City, and even Connecticut.   Extensive experience gives us the ability to make a quick and accurate diagnosis, narrow down our treatment options, and better predict outcome. Time is of essence when treating a sick exotic; we need to start the correct therapy as soon as possible.  

Our office visits include an overall review of diet and caging at home and an examination of your pet. We will make recommendations as needed, and provide information handouts specific to your situation. Some cases require extensive consultation for specific issues like behavioral problems and we provide this service either at the time of the examination or schedule a later consultation.

We are a team of veterinary medical professionals who also keep exotics as pets so we get it; we are pet parents too and treat every patient with the dignity and respect he or she deserves. From the tiniest mouse or hamster to the biggest cockatoo, macaw, or snake, everyone is special at Island Exotic Veterinary Care!

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